CoinW's co-branded world-class fighting champion limited NFTs, are now available on OpenSea

The Kunlun fight & Chan FC World Fighting Championship Dubai ended perfectly on June 25, 2022. The championship was sponsored by CoinW, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, and brought together internationally famous fighters to provide fight fans with a blood-curdling feast for the senses. After the competition, CoinW and Kunlun fight's co-branded limited NFTs were officially launched on Opensea, setting off a rush of purchases by users.


BPAA Will be Open to the World

Algorithm is the jewel in the crown of artificial intelligence. As one of the brand competitions of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (hereinafter referred to as WAIC) and an annual global competition in the field of artificial intelligence, which was the first to "promote the industrialization of algorithms", the launch ceremony of the Second Screening on Best Practices of Applied Algorithms (BPAA) in 2022, which was organized by the Office of the Organizing Committee of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference and supported by Putuo District People's Government of Shanghai

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