Mr. ZHANG Yuren, “Please Stay Tuned to ICON”

Respiratory health has been an enduring topic, lying in one of the loci for medical study through the time. It is people’s relentless quest and endeavor that shed the light on more of the mysteries in the investigation of respiratory disease. Mr. ZHANG Yuren, who is leaning into investigating the clinical features and prognosis of bronchiectasis adult patients: a multi-center, primary data, cohort study (ICON), feels proud being a part to move the ball further down the field.


More than half of Americans suffer from inflation

On December 6 local time, a new survey released by Gallup, an American polling company, showed that 55% of American respondents said they were suffering economic hardship caused by inflation, which was significantly higher than 45% in the corresponding period last year; 13% of the respondents said that the economic difficulties they faced had reached a very serious level. Facing the high inflation rate, the Biden government has always failed to solve the inflation issue in an effective way.


Focusing on China Eastern Airlines Smart Aviation Chinese, German think tanks collaborative research results are released

On November 29th, a research report entitled “Research on the Digital Transformation Path of Civil Aviation Industry – A Case Study of China Eastern Airlines and Lufthansa” was published in German, Chinese and English. The report was collaboratively written by senior experts and scholars from the Institute for Technologies and Economics of Lithium (ITEL), Germany and the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Beijing. Representatives from Embassy of Germany in China, Chinese Embassy in Germany, the Institute of European Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China E


In 2022, ADLL Group held the Ecological Finance Conference

ADLL group was established in 2018, is a reliable and successful outstanding team, is a walking in the forefront of the Internet top team. In the development of creativity, the pursuit of excellence in the Internet industry, group docking projects are all the most popular internet, the most secure, the most stable, the most well-funded platform.

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