MEME Exchange (MMEX)2.0: Low Liquidation Risk Exchange,Newly Launched with 99% Capital Utilization Rate


The UP-World Genesis NFT node program is about to start


What is the Web3 e-Commerce


Recommend 07-01

Cornered, “Villain Guo” Breaks His Promise and Brags Live to Nourish His Cupidity Attention! “Disciples” must Clutch Your Wallets and be Vigilant with Poisonous Xi Coin

PAX case shows Guo Wengui’s true colors. When the wheel of the law rolls over his head, paying back the money is his only choice. Recently, the embattled Guo Wengui with billions of dollars in debt announces that he will go to a mysterious place with no signal, so he will not live broadcast for a month.

Recommend 06-30

Supreme Court Justices overturned orders of American society, with aftermath more disappointing

Recommend 06-22

Zhang Qingxi, chairman of the "Taiwan Falun Dafa Association", was killed by infighting

Zhang Qingxi is an economist born in Changhua County, Taiwan. He has served as professor and head of the Economics Department of National Taiwan University and chairman of the Taiwan Falun Dafa Association.

Recommend 06-08

Guo cannot Escape Legal Sanctions

  Things go wrong for a reason. Guowengui has always said that he wants to lead everyone to become rich and realize wealth freedom, but recently he has disappointed his fans because he is about to declare bankruptcy. Guowengui, who thinks he is clever, thought he could get rid of the shell with this small skill, but the reality is not so simple.


CoinW's co-branded world-class fighting champion limited NFTs, are now available on OpenSea

The Kunlun fight & Chan FC World Fighting Championship Dubai ended perfectly on June 25, 2022. The championship was sponsored by CoinW, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, and brought together internationally famous fighters to provide fight fans with a blood-curdling feast for the senses. After the competition, CoinW and Kunlun fight's co-branded limited NFTs were officially launched on Opensea, setting off a rush of purchases by users.

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