BitMake Exchange officially enters the Vietnam market


Recently, BitMake cryptocurrency exchange launched a Vietnamese version and announced a US$10 million protection fund on its official website, officially entering the Vietnamese market. BitMake was formerly an enterprise service provider, providing cloud trading systems for many exchanges around the world. It has been operating stably for more than three years, and will transform to serve individual trading users in July 2022. BitMake currently has more than 1 million registered users and is the only trading platform in the industry that has not been discontinued for more than three consecutive years. Its innovative functions such as unified trading account (UTA) and simple contracts have won unanimous praise from many professional users.

The core team of BitMake mainly comes from international financial institutions and well-known Internet technology companies. They have been working in digital currency exchanges for many years and are committed to building a top international comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform. Currently, the BitMake trading platform provides professional services such as perpetual contract trading, simple contracts, spot trading, and lending. Its users cover more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and it has established global offices in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Turkey.

Floyd, CEO and co-founder of BitMake, said: “Vietnam is a country with a large population and a growing economy, and has huge market potential. BitMake Exchange hopes to take root in such an emerging market and provide services to professional trading users in the Vietnamese market with continuous innovation capabilities and a safe and stable trading system. "

BitMake’s Product Innovation: Simple Contracts, Unified Trading Account (UTA)

BitMake is the first exchange to launch a unified trading account (UTA) after OKX, and it is also the only exchange among the current Tier 2 exchanges to have a unified trading account function. Users can use a unified account to conduct combined currency margin mode transactions. Not only can they trade across currencies, they can also trade spot, perpetual contracts, and simple contracts at the same time, which greatly improves the utilization rate of funds and the convenience of transactions.


BitMake Asset and Information Security Protection System

Bitmake recently announced the establishment of a US$10 million user risk protection fund and has announced its wallet address for the fund on its official website. The risk protection fund is a separate fund pool set up in addition to the platform's Proof of Reserve Funds (PoR). It is mainly used to provide additional financial protection to platform users when unexpected situations such as network security occur. Bitmake's asset and information security protection system also includes multiple protective measures for distributed asset management and AI intelligent risk control systems, and cooperates with the world's top security vendors to comprehensively build a moat for user asset and information security.

BitMake System Stability: Three consecutive years without stopping service

BitMake uses independent research and development and advanced technology architecture to increase the order processing speed to 1 million TPS. Market price orders are executed instantly, achieving a true matching of 1 million transactions per second. The BitMake trading system supports hot updates and has been without service interruption for three consecutive years, avoiding order losses caused by downtime and ensuring that users can continue to trade with peace of mind and speed.

Overall, BitMake is expected to stand out among exchanges in the same echelon and become a new first-tier trading platform with its product advantages and user-oriented service concept. We look forward to BitMake continuing to bring more innovation and excellent trading experiences to users in the future development.

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