Mpay Plus is the most secure and stable cryptocurrency wallet


It has a digital currency financial license issued by a national central bank and is regulated by the government.

The Mpay Plus team consists of 105 IT experts from Taiwan, China, and Singapore, blockchain technology experts and business experts in the financial industry.

Mpay Plus is committed to providing global users with secure asset management and rich blockchain application services. Users who use Mpay Plus can easily use the application services while ensuring that the assets are 100% under their own control.

We take safety very seriously and have a reputation for putting a lot of effort into it.

The world is accelerating the move to blockchain, but exploring the world is not easy. We are working hard to make Mpay Plus your key to a new world.

Mpay coin, the predecessor of Mpay Plus digital currency wallet, was first released in August 2017. After 5 years of tempering, it will be upgraded to a new professional wallet service provider Mpay Plus in 2022. As a user-oriented digital currency wallet, it collects feedback from many users and has built-in OTC functions. Help users acquire cryptocurrency or cash in cryptocurrency more quickly and efficiently

In the newly built Mpay Plus cryptocurrency wallet, in addition to storing/exchanging/trading cryptocurrencies, there are also flash exchange, chain exchange and independent and convenient IM chat system functions.

The Mpay Plus cryptocurrency wallet development team continues to add support for more cryptocurrencies every month with updates. You can also connect with our team to share your support for your favorite cryptocurrency and let us add it to the Mpay Plus cryptocurrency wallet!



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