Hot sale Remote Control Digital Power Display 300 watts IP65 led street light 300w


This product has 100W and 150W specifications. It is designed and manufactured by Guangdong, China. It is made of high-quality die-casting aluminum and glass lampshade. Set the control mode through the mobile application and remote control. The installation height is 6-7m. It is suitable for light distribution in villa courtyard, community garden, garden square and other places, or scenic spots. With chip design, the light effect is soft and beautiful, and the light effect is brighter. Energy saving, simple installation, no wiring. Normal use guarantees no lights out all year round.24-month free after sales service and technical support from manufacturer sellers; if any problem occurs, please feel free to contact us, We promise you 100% SATISFACTION.

💎[0 Electricity Bills, Environmentally] 150W solar street light provides 30000LM super brighter daylight at full night; 1000pcs super bright 5730 chip lamp beads, 3.2v/30000mah battery (lifetime up to 50,000 hours+), Charging for 6-8H, continuous use for more than 12 hours. No extra hard-wire needed, which saves costs on installation and maintenance, 0 electricity bills as well.

💎[Easy to Install,No Wiring] The package contains 2 kinds of mounting screws and accessories, as well as solar light arm poles. LED street lights easy installation, screw fixing, dependable operation without the need for wiring or trench. You can install solar lights on walls, trees, light poles, etc. where you want to install (support street light post diameter: 1.5 to 4 inches, suggest height 19.5-26.3ft)

💎[Motion Sensor + Timed Lighting + Always Lighting]

💎1. Motion Sensor : 30% brightness lighting when no one passes by;100% brightness lighting when someone passing by; 20S-return to 30% brightness lighting after the person leaves;

💎2. Timed Lighting: Timed 100% brightness Lighting 2/3/5/6/8 hours;

💎3. Always Lighting: Always 100% brightness lighting. (in this mode you can adjust the brightness of street lights: 25%-100% brightness)

💎[IP66 Waterproof, Cope Harsh Weather] This solar street light has very good waterproof, rainproof and lightning-proof performance, -20~120° temperature resistance, IP66 waterproof, can work in all kinds of bad weather, Harsh Weather Resistance

💎[Multifunctional Remote Control] The remote control distance approx. 25ft.(battery included)

💎1. ON: Turn on the light;

💎2. OFF:Force turn off the light;

💎3. 25%-100%: Adjust always on Light brightness in mode 25%-100% brightness;

💎4. 2H/3H/5H/6H/8H: Timed 100% brightness 2H/3H/5H/6H/8H Lighting;

💎5. ‘Radar Symbol’: Turn on the light and Motion sensor mode;

💎[Brand After Sales Service] 24-month free after sales service and technical support from manufacturer sellers; if any problem occurs, please feel free to contact us, We promise you 100% SATISFACTION. 

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Mission: lead the future of lighting and make customers' business simpler. 
Vision: become the first choice of customers and the world-class lighting enterprise values loved by employees; customer first, adhere to innovation; unity, hard work and responsibility; thanksgiving dedication, integrity and win-win product range: intelligent street lamp, solar street lamp, LED street lamp, landscape lamp, courtyard lamp and other garden landscape outdoor lighting engineering supporting lamps, wall washing lamp, line lamp and other lighting series products.



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