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Fixed mine car is a main transportation equipment for coal and gangue transportation in coal mine surface and underground roadway. Fixed series mine car has simple structure, strong and durable, small resistance, large load capacity, convenient maintenance, etc. It is mainly used for transporting coal, gangue, materials, etc. in coal mines above and below ground. It can also be used in other mines or underground projects to transport materials. It is generally composed of carriage, frame, axle, buffer and connector, etc. Carriage: The carriage is composed of body plate, end plate, angle steel, strip steel and other welded components. Frame: The frame is a metal structure, which can withstand traction force. Self-power, the collision force between mine cars and the impact of the rails, composed of channel steel, bumper seat, axle card and other welding. Wheel pair: open type wheel pair consists of wheels, axles, bearings, etc. Closed type wheel pair: Each part of the wheel pair should be cleaned and removed from grease, dirt, iron filings and blockage of oil holes before assembly.

Precautions for use.
1. During use, the load on the mine car is not allowed to exceed the specified value.
2. It is forbidden to work when the coupling device is faulty.
3. The frame rigidly rams the axle when it vibrates, and it is forbidden to use it when the underframe and wheel pair are faulty to avoid damaging the axle.
4. If it is found that the surface of the pin and three-ring chain is seriously rusted or seriously deformed, it should be scrapped.
5. It is forbidden to contact each other when the mine car just touches the head.
6. When the track of mine car is deformed, it should be adjusted in time, otherwise the wheel pair of mine car is easy to be damaged, and it is easy to jump the road during transportation.
Repair and maintenance.
1. In order to ensure the normal operation and prolong the service life of the fixed mine car, daily inspection and monthly maintenance are required, and it must be ensured that the wheels are free from stalling and non-rotation.
2. Fill the lubricant regularly according to the daily maintenance requirements of the wheel pair to ensure good lubrication, and other appendages to ensure sufficient capacity.
3. Check the anti-disengagement pins for defects such as bending and cracking.
4. Check whether the bolts on the fasteners are loose, etc. to prevent accidents. In addition to replace easily damaged spare parts at any time.

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